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We are building the future of education with our AI-powered platforms, CHIP and RileyBot. In very different ways, they are harnessing the incredible power of AI to help your students learn better and stay safer all whilst helping you better understand the students in your school.

CHIP is an AI-powered platform which helps you monitor, record and analyse almost everything that goes on with your students. From teacher observations, through to student reflections, CHIP has the power to connect the data you already collect to better understand how your students are performing, how they are feeling and how you might be able to support them more effectively.

Future technology designed by education professionals

The team at Sphinx AI have all worked in education,

mostly schools, and understand what it takes to create

a solution for for classrooms and teachers


At Sphinx AI our vision is to address the most significant challenges in education by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology. We believe that whilst people and relationships are the fundamental pillars of education, technology possesses the ability to enhance and unlock every child’s full potential.

By combining the best of human expertise and pioneering technology, we strive to create a learning environment that nurtures the development of every young person. We believe that education should inspire, engage, and transform learners’ lives, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate a rapidly evolving world.

Through our AI solutions, we are revolutionising education by tailoring it to the unique needs of every pupil, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning. We are committed to removing barriers, unlocking untapped potential, and providing equal opportunities for every pupil.

Our relentless pursuit of educational innovation aims to create a future where happy, ambitious, and successful young people are supported by outstanding teachers who are free to inspire because both learner and teacher are empowered by our pioneering technology.

We are helping to build an educational landscape which inspires, fosters growth, and builds a brighter future for all young people.

Featured Products

Chip and RileyBot offer cutting-edge AI capabilities to enhance your tasks. From answering questions to content generation, these bots are your digital assistants, streamlining your work efficiently.



Meet the team

Discover how we are building AI-powered platforms to empower teachers to ensure your students are healthier,
happier and staying on target for the outcomes they deserve. 

Adam Webster


Suri Araniyasundaran


Josh Potter

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

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